Easter Birthday

We had a great time visiting Aunt Marian in Sequim, WA. Una was so excited, she woke up at 5am the morning of her birthday. she had a very exciting day. It was also Renne's birthday. We celebrated at the beach and at IHOP.



We are off to Sequim, WA to spend Easter and Una's Birthday with my great Aunt Marian. Above are some paintings that Una and Ted have done over the past few weeks. Lots of excitement about the impending birthday! Below, a little movie to celebrate the past year. Enjoy!

Click here for Cuteness!


Nalah and the Pink Tiger

The following link is a first and second reading of Aunt Belle's first children's book, called Nalah and the Pink Tiger. Una absolutely adores it! It is also a puppet show and opened yesterday at In the Heart of the Beast in Minneapolis, MN to a sold out audience. There will be lots more performances. Check out www.nalahthepinktiger.com to see a listing and to purchase the book.

Click here to watch


So Far

Here's where we are at so far. we are waiting for the dirt to settle and then the front yard will have 2-3" of pea gravel to replace the dirt. We will then need to put in our gate and ipe screens, a deck on the shed, a trellis on the one side of the shed, and build raised beds, a sandbox and ted will do a rock sculpture all in the front. And then there's the plants. But we are on our way.


Landscape Work

After 5 long years of drawing and dreaming, we are finally installing our garden, and are super excited about the project. We got a great bid on the project with good contractors, a great investment in our property, and will give us so much more space by creating more outdoor rooms. It's still a lot of money, so we are likely to have to give up a lot of things this year, but hopefully it will also help me get more work in the door.

Here are some photos of the work in process. The garden is done yet. i'll take more photos as we go along.